What is HDR + Flash Photography? 

Want your listing to stand out and sell fast? Choose HDR + Flash photography

HDR (or High Dynamic Range) photography is when a photographer shoots 5-6 identical photos of a scene (from super light to super dark), then blends all the images together in Photoshop.

The idea is to get the widest possible range of tones in a single image.   

In theory, it's great idea. But with straight HDR, the photos often come out dull looking, with low contrast and washed out tones (see below).  

Straight HDR

HDR + Flash 

HDR + Flash Photography

The solution is HDR + Flash photography. With this technique, the photographer still shoots a HDR image, but they also shoot a few extra frames with electronic flash.


If you compare the the two photos, you'll see that HDR + Flash gives you: 

  • Clean, sparkling whites (compare the kitchen islands in both photos)

  • Rich greens through the windows (compare the windows in both photos)

  • The welcoming golden glow of the kitchen cupboards (compare the lights in the kitchen cupboards in both photos).    

Want your listing to stand out and sell fast? Choose a photographer that specializes in HDR + Flash photography.


Real Estate Photography + Portraits 

MO PHOTO is a Montreal real estate photography studio that specializes in outstanding property photos and portraits of realtors.  

We work with real estate brokers, home stagers, builders and interior designers to create outstanding photographs that sell properties fast.

MO PHOTO is owned by Monique Dykstra, a trusted photographer in Montreal for over 25 years. 




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