PRO TIP - Photographing Bathrooms  

Tips for photographing one of the toughest room in the house - the bathroom. 

Bathrooms are one of the toughest rooms in the house to photograph. They're small, full of reflective surfaces and awkward to photograph. You often have shoot from the doorway. 


Prepping the space


First, remove all personal items.

Second, make sure everything is clean, especially the mirrors.


Third, put the toilet seat down and check the toilet paper roll for jagged edges.


Fourth, check the towels. If they are new and perfect, leave them. If not, hide them.


Fourth, check the bath mats and carpets. Nice and new, and not too colorful? Leave them. Otherwise, hide them.

Fifth, arrange the shower curtain to make it look as good as you can.


Taking the photo

Try to shoot straight on (as in the photo above), or into a corner. You don't usually have a lot of choice here though, so just do the best you can. 

Focus on the sink and mirror. The toilet is less important.

Make sure the camera is high enough to see inside the sink.

Use HDR + Flash photography to get detail in the windows.

Don’t worry if you and your camera end up in the bathroom mirror. You can photoshop it out later in post.


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