How to Photograph Bedrooms  

Pro tips for getting great photos in the bedrooms 

Prepping the space

  • Remove everything from the bedtables, including framed pictures, Kleenex boxes, charging cables, etc. 

  • Remove everything from the dresser tops 

  • Turn bedside lights 𝗢𝗡

  • Turn overhead lights 𝗢𝗙𝗙, unless it is a spectacular light fixture, in which case leave the light on

  • Leave the blinds alone or ask the owner or agent to adjust them. If you pull the cord and something breaks, you could have an expensive problem on your hands. 

  • Arrange the curtains nicely

  • Check the bed skirt to make sure it is straight and wrinkle free 

  • Smooth blankets, arrange the pillows

  • Tidy up or remove charging cables from wall outlets

Photo 1: Looking into the Bedroom

Position your tripod in the doorway, and get a photo looking across the room towards the bed and windows. Shoot low enough that you get most of the bottom of the bed in the photo.    

Use HDR + Flash photography to get detail in the windows.

master 1.jpg

Photo 2: From beside the bed, looking into the room

This photo only works if it is a large room and there is plenty of room around the bed. Position your tripod right next to the bed and shoot across the room to the opposite corner.

The goal is to capture the view of waking up in the room. 

4581 Anderson_0020.jpg