How to Photograph Backyards

The backyard can make or break a listing. Make sure you get great photos of it. 

Backyard Patio

Photo 1: View from the house, looking into the yard 

This is how the homeowner sees the yard. Make sure you get lots of photos looking out into the garden, then select the best one later.  

Photo 2: Shoot into each corner of the yard, fitting as much as possible into the scene. 

Take photos from the various corners of the garden, fitting in as much of the yard as you can, then select the best ones later. 

Photo 3: Seating Area


If there is a seating area, include it. It's not necessary to include whole pieces of furniture

Photos 4-5: View from back of the yard, looking towards house

  • Zoom into the house and just show that

  • Zoom out and show house in relation to yard