Montreal Photographer

My best day as a photographer was when I photographed homeless people in the morning, and US President Bill Clinton and Canadian PM Jean Chrétien in the afternoon. It was an amazing day, filled with contrasts. 

But how did I get those jobs? Just like realtors, photographers work hard to get clients. Clients have to believe you can do the job, or they won't hire you.


Outstanding Photography = Outstanding Realtor

For realtors, the easiest way to look professional is to use outstanding photography, 100% of the time: for your property  photos, social media, website, lawn sign, etc. 

Outstanding photography = outstanding realtor

Average photography = average realtor

Bad photography = bad realtor

25 Years Experience

I started Studio Iris Photography in 1994, a Montreal photo studio that specializes in weddings and portraits (see 55 Google Reviews).

Then, in 2020, I opened MO PHOTO, a real estate photography studio that specializes in outstanding property photos and realtor portraits. 

That means I've been a photographer for 25 years (gasp!). But I love my work. It's always different. One day, I'm photographing beautiful houses and brokers, the next it's homeless people and world leaders.

I also really enjoy my clients, many of whom have been coming back for years.        

I'd love to work with you! Call me today and let's chat: (514) 208-4747